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He is the king, and the only one who doesn't respect that is his arch nemesis, non-recyclable waste.
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Flick wrote:
I do kind of want to see the new Aquaman.
Have to say he looks pretty badass. I realize swimming really well and communicating with fish isn't all that great a super power, but at least he looks cool now. It'll probably wind up being stupid as hell though.

No matter how cool Khal Drogo is, you can't make "talks to fish" into a badass superpower.

Basically everything you can accomplish with that superpower was already done by Jason James Richter.

As for his superhuman strength, speed, and nearly-impenetrable skin, those are going to wind up being diminished by the fact that they are gonna somehow have to work in a scene where he's bobbing in and out of the water hitting a beachball with his nose and taking a kipper out of Batman's mouth.

And even though this is Developer Help, this is an awesome thread. I love you guys.

In all seriousness though, I promise you there's going to be a scene in the aquaman movie where he dives down deep into the water only to burst out fifteen feet above the surface, landing in the classic iron-man pose and quipping out a one-liner. The studio is going to try to make that look cool. It won't.
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I can see it now.
*Aquaman bursts out of water*
*Aquaman stares intimidatingly and directly at the camera*
Aquaman: "Glub Glub motherf*ckers" what'd I'd hope for, but in reality, it'll either be some stupid pun or a reference to a pre-established joke in the movie.
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Ter13 wrote:
Is this more like what you were going for?

> var/image/o1 = new(src), image/o2 = new(src), matrix/m1 = matrix(-2,0,MATRIX_TRANSLATE), matrix/m2 = matrix(2,0,MATRIX_TRANSLATE)
> o2.appearance = o1.appearance = appearance;
> o2.layer = o1.layer = FLOAT_LAYER
> o2.plane = o1.plane = FLOAT_PLANE
> o2.alpha = o1.alpha = 128
> o1.transform = m1
> o2.transform = m2
> animate(o1,transform=m2,time=0.75,loop=-1)
> animate(transform=m1,time=1)
> animate(o2,transform=m1,time=0.75,loop=-1)
> animate(tranform=m2,time=1)
> world << o1
> world << o2

DC is stupid. Except for batman. Batman is only good DC.

yeah something like that but one problem, its on a game that I dont own xD
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ISSACK wrote:
yeah something like that but one problem, its on a game that I dont own xD


var/icon/base = new('smallBlur.dmi') // Whatever icon you want to use
var/offset_amount = 4 // How much shaking do you want?
var/timing = 0.1 // How fast you want it to shake.
var/position = 1
var/pad_icon = FALSE // If your base icon doesn't have any empty space on each side, set this to TRUE
base.Shift(NORTH, offset_amount)
var/icon/temp = new(base)
var/icon/final = new(base)
var/icon/I = new(base)
I.Blend(temp, ICON_OVERLAY)
I = new(base)
I = new(base)
I = new(base)

usr << ftp(final) // Save the icon
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Again, It's on a game I don't own.
Then how are you planning on getting the icon there? Do you get to upload your own icon? If so, run this snippet on your own system, save the icon that is created by the 'ftp(final)' line, then upload it to the game.
We are able to wear Overlays, And I'm able to change icons since im Admin but whut do u mean Upload?
You just need the visual effect right ? It is not a hard task, you just need to do the animation on Photoshop or any other image editor, then export it to a png sequence, then import the exported png to byond .dmi frames.

Example made on photoshop :
Create a new project in DM. Add this snippet and whatever icon you want to use as your base. Change 'smallBlur.dmi' to the the name of the icon you are using. Run the project and click the 'Blur' verb. It will ask you to save the blurred icon to your computer. Make sure you add the '.dmi' extension to the icon name when you save it. Then do whatever you planned to do to get your icon into the game.
Oh Damn, Thanks Flick, Hopefully it works on a game I'm working on too.
Moving this out of developer help, as it's not a developer issue.
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lmao smh
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