Hello there! I've been trying to get BYOND working on Ubuntu using WINE, but despite downloading what feels like half a terabyte of packages, DLLs and windows components the BYOND pager just isn't having it, I can attach a crashdump if that'd help.

As such, I've been trying to use DreamSeeker (Which seems to launch just fine) to get to a server directly, but then I run into an authentication issue. Since DreamSeeker never asks for authentication, I keep getting thrown out for having a corrupt key.

Is there any way to pass a set of valid credentials to DreamSeeker to bypass the BYOND pager entirely?

Does anyone have any experience with BYOND on Linux?

Any help appreciated!
Follow this thread: forum/?post=2143803&hl=MasterChiefXL5#comment22460680

If that does help then message me and I can help.