Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Aspects - Added new aspects for Guile and Sanctity.
- Kingslayer's STR scaling increased to 90% (from 75%).
- Lunar Lunatism's status LVs are now equal to half of your scaled SAN (from 100% of it.)
- Archer's Cripple Arm and Cripple Leg will now treat Gun attacks as if they were single-shot.
- Dragon King set now also increases the soft cap for Strength by 3 per piece equipped.
- Reuse and Recycle now applies to Engineer bots which are alive at the end of a battle.
- Respeccing your talents no longer causes spirits to be released; if you begin a battle with an insufficient Possession subrank, however, you will lose spirits above the cap.
- Hanging's range scaling with a white spirit boosting it at max rank is now increased by 1.
- Various PvE Adjustments
-- Lowered the scaling of Kinu 1's weapon slightly.
-- Removed Goblin Giant's additional stats per level (0.5 STR, 1.2 VIT per level).
-- Lowered the scaling of Goblin Giant's weapon slightly at levels 1 - 25.
-- Lowered the story boss Winged Guardian's HP to 600 (from 1000).
-- Lowered the scaling of story boss Winged Guardian's weapon slightly.
* Bug Reports
- Pure Genius was incorrectly applying its old effects as well as the new ones.
- Dragon Remains was not being treated as an Ore-type material for changing materials via kits.
- Material Change Kits were being consumed even if you cancelled the item selection.
- Blade Mastery's Reliability talent subpath wasn't applying unless you had Weapon Discipline active.
- Quickness's description was incorrect in regards to its Move bonus.
- Material Change Kits weren't changing the crafted icon for items when used.
- It wasn't possible to trigger the Argentyle shortcut.
- Campfire Kits weren't working in camps.
- Gain Air was causing sound issues.
- Berserk Shell was giving 50 more Critical than it was meant to.
- Headless Knight's monster weapon was doing Blunt damage instead of Slash damage.