I severely lack in the artistic department, however, here is my attempt at illustrating my world, Thraecia.

Thoughts? Is it too noisy?
I feel like if you're going to go through the effort to put in detailed effects you should add shading and highlighting to give it a glimpse of depth.

The continent shape is nice, but the borders are a little too clean and smooth imo.
All of those mountains and hills and not a single lake or river in the mainland? Will everyone have to go to the sea for their water?
Why is the purple area the largest?
It's sad that this Talent will probably never be able to be used and get the attention that it deserves.
When you're designing a map for anything, try to think about what it is exactly that you're showing us.

Different kinds of maps include:
- Geographical - the structure of the landscape such as rivers, mountains, etc. This may also be a heightmap of the area.
- Political/Socio Economic - how the boundaries of countries and regions show who is in control of what. May also include trade routes, hubs, major cities, ports.
- Satellite - a basic, overhead view of the landmass. Will include most major geographic elements as well as towns, cities.
- Cartographic - a map that someone might use to navigate by.

An important distinction is that these maps generally won't overlap on the same map. If you try adding political lines to a geographical map, what you'll end up with is a cluttered mess that just feels like there's too much.

In your example, your mixing the Satellite view with the Political and it's feeling really cluttered because of it.

With this map, I would just color it smoothly based on region and not worry about trying to color in territories. pathfinder_campaign_map_by_vixikats-da93mep.png

This was a pathfinder map that I did a while ago. While it's not political, I still reference certain regions by name, but overall, the map is a geographical design, colored to the impression of the kind of climate and area. This particular landmass is about the size of Europe.