I just created some new seamless fantasy stone textures as well as some fantasy metal images...they are free to use with attribution. They live here:


Feel free to edit, create maps from them or whatever you like. :-)

Over 4000 more free images await you on my site. I do custom work as well if need be. Enjoy!
Hi everyone,

Here are this week’s new images…free to use with attribution. Feel free to edit them, generate maps from them, mix them with other images or whatever you like! You’ll find them on these pages:

TXR – Bark – Seamless
Some cool petrified-looking bark images.

TXR – Ground – Seamless
Stones mixed with leaves and dirt.

TXR – Rock/Stone – Seamless
A bunch of new rock textures.

Over 4000 more free images await you on my site. Please feel free to share it with anyone who you think might find it useful.
Hi everyone,

If you possibly can, please consider making a small donation to support my website. I don’t allow any advertising on the site because I feel that it would be distracting to my visitors. My website is 100% community supported. Please help support this project…thanks in advance!

That said, this week’s new free images are on these pages:

TXR – Brick – Seamless
New mossy fantasy brick textures.

TXR – Rock/Stone – Seamless
New fantasy stone textures

Be safe and keep being creative!
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