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Alright so I hosted this game about a month ago with my nighthawk router with no issues. I've hosted several games over the years here for friends and such. However I recently moved placing with with a severely limited ISP. So instead of having a familiar DSL or Fiber provider I'm having to use T-mobile sort of like a mobile hotspot deal with this router called Bandluxe R550. It gets the job done, though no where near the 150 MBS I was getting before hand. Anyway, I opened the ports on this little router(if you'd want to call this tiny thing a router) same as I have on every router I ever had. Problem is, the ports aren't working. Gave the Desktop I used a static IP, opened the ports like normal, open the host files, pick the port all like I did before. Yet for whatever reason I can't connect to the hub and players can't join. I get the "BYOND hub reports port 1500 cannot be reached by players." message.

If anyone knows anything about hosting with these mobile ISP and/or this Bandluxe R550 router or simply has any suggestions that could prove useful, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Most mobile providers block these types of things on their end, I wouldn't be surprised if T-mobile was one of them.
I feared as much but wasn't sure. Is there anyway to mask it like with a VPN program?
You might be able to get away with something like Hamachi, but that would require all of your players to use Hamachi and they'd be unable to join directly from the hub/pager.
I see, well thank you for your help. I'll talk to the owner of the game and the staff and see what they want to do.
You could look into renting/leasing out a server.
I looked into it, but I'm not going to pay for someone's game to be hosted. I was just a host. I also saw I can get free shell server but I'm sure the owner of the game doesn't want me to have access to editing files on the game in such a vast way.
If you're having trouble send in a ticket to for a month free on the 512MB plan.

I've sent you a PM with a coupon.
Just use Tiny Shell.

It's a a shell server hosting service for all of BYOND to use. It's a very good option in my opinion.