Hello Readers! It's once again time to share the developments happening around BYOND over the past two weeks.

Interested in finding out about updates or chatting more frequently? Then check out the unofficial BYOND chat and social media pages. There's a Discord group, Skype channel, IRC channel, and Facebook page that all appear to be active to varying degrees with the purpose of discussing the happenings of worlds BYOND!


BYOND now supports not just one gamepad controler but up to four, allowing local player groups to play games together, just like on console systems! Players with certain graphics cards may also notice that the latest version displays maps in a crispier fashion. Well, until Lummox JR figures out a syntax for controlling filters in BYOND 512, then developers can blur icons at will!


Beware of the Weredude! Flame Guardian shared his plans for the survival game, including new maps and characters. Map #2 requires seven players and features unique perks and characters, as all current maps do. He has also begun revealing information about the strengths and weaknesses of the characters, with the first bio being the classic Delivery Gal, the fastest character found on map #1. Lights flicker inconsistently as well, with plans to allow players to interact with them. Don't hit them too hard however, as light is a precious resource!

Paradoxus, a round based survival shooter has progressed to Update 12. That update includes name tags for players, a new weapon, unlockable attachments, and a round of bug fixes. Hub graphics appear to have received a make-over, and a fan of the game has created two videos showing the game and its funny moments.

Kidpaddle45 is riding a wave of inspiration towards bringing Kaizoku to a public beta. The pirate RPG now has skills and monsters. The pictures display him using water and fire to create powerful blasts, while the videos demonstrate the usage of healing and shocking electric abilities (I hope no cute forest animals were harmed in the making of those videos!) to take down enemies.

Yut Put and SilkWizard held a 1 on 1 Game in a Day contest. The challenge was to see which developer could create the best parody of the other's flagship creation. While SilkWizard was unable to finish doodPOCH within the time constraints, Yut Put turned out MINIstalgia, a short RPG with character choices, menu layouts, quests, and turn-based battles similar to NEStalgia. Congratulations to Yut Put for winning the $100.00 pledged by Calus CoRPS!

Tacurumin is racking up goals on Futebol Total, one of which was making AI for the goalkeeper. From the looks of the shared GIF, it appears the netminder has a mind of his own (on the net)!

The latest updates to Reality: Reborn gives the game a new look, and new systems provide new dangers to RP explore. Domdavden shares the list of buildings who were selected to receive a make-over. Those included the bank, hospital, and airport, and even the Department of Transportation was busy repaving the roads. Police officers have an expanded skill set to catch criminals, while crooks have ways to cover their tracks. Among many other additions, Fires can now be started with matches, so keeping notes on where the fire extinguishers are might be a good suggestion!

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Guys Money is the root of all evil remember this for the rest of your lifes
Guys Money is the root of all evil

I keep telling that to my utility companies, but they get all pissy and keep shutting off my gas.
In response to Argon999
Actually, it's: Money is the root of all kinds of evil. The phrase "all kinds of" is figurative. Consider also that the quote comes from the apostle Paul, who obviously didn't think the devil was in it for the sweet, sweet drachmas.
Actually it was "the love of money". People always leave out "the love of" part when quoting this for some awkward reason.
In response to EmpirezTeam
Ah, good point.
I bet none of those games are gona even be played
In response to AdolfHonk
At this point, I'm happy they're being made at all. At least, the game's developers will play them... and maybe their friends too.
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AdolfHonk wrote:
I bet none of those games are gona even be played

I'll host Beware of the Weredude tommorow if you want to play! The best way to get into non planned tests however would be to join the discord:
In response to AdolfHonk
AdolfHonk wrote:
I bet none of those games are gona even be played

Feed didn't make it to this issue, but we have a massive update log coming up that I'm super excited to share. I promise you it will see a release and if you'd like to participate in the next closed beta test, you're more than welcome to join the official Feed Discord server and join our team of beta testers! (^8
In response to AdolfHonk
AdolfHonk wrote:
I bet none of those games are gona even be played

Welcome back.
I can tell you one thing their is too many Dragon Universe being hosted and it have very poor grahpics that why I don't join it any more and very body must have that source lol
i can tell u one thing
Technically, The Love for Power is the Root of All Evil. Money is just a median that directs it.