Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Race Board - Updated the appearance and functions of the race board. Existing characters can click them in an Asago building to see the updated look, or to brush up on their racial knowledge.
- Rogue trap duration changed from 3 rounds to 2+Rank rounds.
- Sarashi Gi's critical bonus is no longer shown on the character screen while out of combat.
- Magnetize now gives a bonus to Hit equal to half of its LV, up to a maximum of 50.
- Bloodhunt's Hit bonus is now equal to 1 per 2% missing HP (instead of per 1%).
- Blessed's Hit bonus is now equal to half of your Scaled FAI.
- Focused Mind's Hit bonus is now equal to 3 per Rank (from 5 per Rank).
- Magnet Shell's basic effect duration changed to 3 rounds, level changed to 3 per Rank.
- Bright Shell's bonus effect now creates a Light Shaft at the target's location for 3 rounds instead of applying a status effect.
- Aerial Attacker's hit bonus changed to 5 + half of your Scaled SAN (from 100% of Scaled SAN).
- Bright Bishop's Glowing status LV changed to 5 * Rank (from half of damage dealt).
- Zugzwang's Hit bonus changed to 3 * Rank (from 5 * Rank).
- Flanking bonus is now halved if no other allies are within in melee range.
- Flanking bonus is also halved if not attacking the enemy from the location directly behind them. (This stacks with the above and vice versa.)
- Distortion's Evade bonus changed to 10 + 5 per Rank (from 10 + 10 per Rank). Duration extended to 5 rounds.
- Green-Scale Tunic's Evade bonus changed from 1 Evade per 1% missing FP to 0.5 Evade per 1%.
- Thousand Stab's scaled stat bonus is now 100% of the scaled stat (from 50%).
- Hirazuki, Kagekiri, and Shukuchi are now classified as movement skills (and are thus prevented by Immobilize).
- Trade requests that time out now say that they do instead of saying the request was denied.
- Added a few missing Darkwood Manor tiles to the DISCer.
- Adjusted the base STR and STR per level of Super Shark enemies (such as Fangs).
* Bug Reports
- The battle bar was showing the incorrect FP cost for skills in some cases.
- Certain items were adding to the incorrect stack when they shouldn't have been.
- Warning Shot could not be used with mutated weapons.
- Biography files were not being removed when a character was deleted.
- Jetpack was letting you land on top of other units.
- Caravan NPCs could spawn on the same tile.
- World events should no longer start if reboot messages have begun showing.
- Only magnet-based pull effects were applying Astral Belt's damage.
- Healing Glow wasn't able to target allies when used by converted Delvers.
- Talents could be increased beyond normally limited values.
- Claret Call was not being reapplied in certain cases.
- Special attacks weren't working when used from the battle bar.
- Teleport traps now cancel your click-based movement.
- The quest inside of Darkwood Manor was causing issues if you already had a certain item by the time you began it.
- Professor Pink's Laboratory is a little bit wider now to help with the new race board interface.