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So I am using these two little events to change the mouse pointer for dragging items on the fly. My game is 16x16 so the icon winds up severely undersized. Is there any way to take the icon somehow and resize it before setting one the below or is there currently a way to do this? I currently haven't figured out a way to do a transform on a mouse pointer to enlarge it's size.

var/obj/O = object
mouse_pointer_icon = O.icon
O.mouse_drag_pointer = O.icon_state



mouse_pointer_icon = 'mousepointers.dmi'


Problem description:


var/icon/I = new(A.icon,A.icon_state)
var/Zoom=text2num(winget(usr, "MainWindow.MainMap", "zoom"))
usr.mouse_drag_pointer = I

mouse_pointer_icon = null
You can also use another method with use icon procs Width() and Height().
Couse if you going to use another icon size in .dmi file
it will not work properly(scale).
Scale just seems to resize the window and the graphic is still the same size.
Best response
The only way to resize the mouse pointer is to use icon.Scale(). The mouse pointer icon of an atom is a server-side thing. Make a feature request for the option to make the mouse cursor scale with the default map
or whatever map the cursor is currently over. You can't really determine what pointer icon an atom should have until the client mouse-interacts with it. over a network, the client probably won't have received the modified icon by the time the client uses what the client thinks the object's mouse pointer icon is, because the client lives in the past due to network lag.
Thank you Dragonpearl123