Sorry, this isn't really about fixing code but it's something I feel is important for developers and i'm having trouble finding good tips on it.

Studying some other people's libraries and demos that some people separate -everything- into different code files. Is there some benefit to separate code like this? I've been lumping most things together and only separating files that don't really have much to do with each other.. For example.

Under BASICS I put most of the basic vars and verbs for obj/mobs along with login code and maybe my admin code.

Then I have one separate file for mobs objs and turfs. This is mostly just so I can keep things kind of tidy without having an extremely long list of code to sift through (Which I also make easier by putting little tags in the code lines to state what it's relevant to in a way that makes it easier for me to search)

Sorry if this should be in design philosophy or something, I just felt it better off here.
It's entirely for organizational purposes. The code gets compiled into the same thing in the end regardless of how you organize it.
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-Thank- you, this was bothering me to no end. Still wanna leave this open for abit to see if anybody wants to throw down any tips on memory management I guess.
Looks like somebody moved it to design philosophy. Works for me. Thanks guys.