This could be in the wrong section but I found this
And was curious if anyone knows how to code Byond in other applications for example Intellij and if they would be willing to share that knowledge that would be awesome!
Thanks for the read,
You're going to have to elaborate a whole lot to get a good response here, what exactly do you mean?
intellij for BYOND would be sweet if someone actually finished it. It the best open source IDE there is.
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To my understanding this is some program that lets you code in the Byond style in the Intellij (or what ever else is listed there) IDE.
There are a few alternatives to Dream Maker for code editing. Ones I've tried recently were Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Sublime Text 2, but I'm pretty sure I tried Eclipse and IntelliJ too.

It's nice that they all support custom syntax highlighting, bold, and italic.
At least most of them support indent-based code folding.
At least some of them even support compiling with dm.exe and running in Dream Seeker and Dream Daemon with a hotkey.
I got Visual Studio Code working with dm.exe and set up a "linter", which reads the compiler output to add those red zigzag underlines to the error locations. It even shows a tooltip with the error message when you mouse-hover over it.
I'd love to be able to program from my phone
I use Chrome Remote Desktop from my laptop with a bluetooth keyboard to program on my tablet.
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Why? this sounds very impractical.
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Ganite wrote:
I'd love to be able to program from my phone

Maybe on a tablet, a phone would be pretty impractical.
So I'm guessing the answer is no, There is no current way to code Byond in IntelliJ, Thanks.