Soul Society

by Von Fanel
Soul Society
An rpg game with a special turn based battle system. Inspired by Ragnarok Online and Bleach. There's a Newbie's Guide on the forum, go check it out! ^-^
Well, I was in the mood to review a game about an up and coming anime. Soul Society by Von Fanel is his second installment on his fan-based games, and he based this one on Bleach. He is also known for having Naruto, which has become quite popular on BYOND. Anyways, it seems that in this game you try to train and level yourself after setting stats. The turfs reminded me a lot of Naruto Online, and the battles reminded me of Final Fantasy. From what I was able to see, the only thing original was probably the user/mob icons, and the buildings inside of towns. Other than that, it was pretty much Naruto Online reinovated, with a Final Fantasy styled combat. Not much to really say about this game, except for this: Von. Next time you make a game, don't re-use your old game with new user/mob icons, and a new battle system. It causes assholes like me to rate it a measly 4 out of 10. End of story.

Next week, I'll probably review some random game nobody cares about, like usual. Until then, enjoy the suckiness of Von Fanel's Soul Society.

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I thought Newbreedofnerd, was the owner of Naruto Online, unless they are one in the same...

I think there's multiple Naruto Online games. But I know there's one by Von Fanel. In fact, give me a minute, and I'll post his version in another comment.

Thar she is. And my bad... There's no "Online," It's just "Naruto"
I knew he made "Naruto", wasn't to sure about the "Online" part. Eh..
I'll change it quick.
Hurry before anyone else sees!
Rawr. I already did it. And these damn BYOND Alert's get annoying after awhile.
Lol, I know x.x
I say you review Plan of Attack next. Its a great top view shooting game.
DBZ in Soul Society? Where? 0.o
I mentioned DBZ? Where?
Von Fanel wrote:
DBZ in Soul Society? Where? 0.o

Hey von come back soon
Naruto Online = same as the DBZ junk that swarms BYOND
Congratulations: you are a stupid necromancer.
I heard they're working on a sequel to that, but as far as bleach games go, it stinks...What's with the disclaimer at the end?