I wanna know how to host ban using linux dream daemon Ive been trying to un host ban people and host ban certain people but everything Ive tried hasn't been working. If someone would take time out of their day to explain how I can do this really quickly that would made my day.
The file you would be looking for is ~/.byond/cfg/ban.txt where ~ is the home directory of what you installed byond dream daemon under(ex: /root/.byond... or /home/youraccount/.byond...). That file is read when somebody joins the server and is auto updated with any future IP's computer ids or keys they log in with if 1 of those overlap... I recently had to unban 6 people because they all logged into another host banned account at one point and got auto magically added to the ban list when they tried to join my server. Hope this is the info you are looking for.
Actually... just read my post again and need to do a correction. ~ is the home directory of the account that launched dream daemon, not the account it is installed under since it is normally installed under /usr/local/byond/bin/