Applies to:DM Language
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
As it stands now, if you call CheckPassport() the result gets cached for that client's session and any subsequent calls to CheckPassport() won't talk to the hub for that client that session.

This is not ideal, I get why it's there (well, the reason isn't as important now that internet is out of the dial-up era), but it forces people to have to exit the client and reload to gain subscription benefits, you can't just call CheckPassport() on them again to refresh the benefits. It will always return the same value it returned the first time you called it that session.

Reconnecting without closing the client doesn't seem to refresh it either. (Bug?)

I propose either an extra argument to CheckPassport() to bypass the cache check, or less aggressive caching.
One thing I'd like to add to the hub is a way to request updates to a user's subs or push those updates from the hub.
Being able to detect credit changes would be kind of nice too, it would make displaying your credit amount in-game less annoying because you'd always know the variable you set is getting updated as the value changes. (I still do a GetCredits() check before transactions anyways, no matter what)