Hello Readers! My apologies for the day delay! I do try to keep those to a minimum. This special late edition of Within BYOND features two BYOND developer visions from those who have chosen to share their reflections of the year prior, and goals for the year present. So, without any further delays, onto the updates!


Squishing bugs took over BYOND's development timetable last week, eradicating issues for games that use many turfs, and resolving issues with parallel animations, both by actually fixing bugs, and by adding a new ANIMATE_RELATIVE flag. However, BYOND Developer Lummox JR is still interested in putting the icing on BYOND 511 (and icing on your next cake) with upscaling controls, before switch gears to work on some website features. And the icing on his car should be long long gone.


Godsring is preparing for the next update to Dungeon Master. Two weeks from now, an update revamping resource collection skills, leveling, and endurance is expected. On the aesthetic side of the game, new sounds and ambient are planned, and a new weather system is in the works.

Kumorii released the first edition of Feed, named Zombies! for fans curious of the game's roots. This zombie shooter has a slight resemblance to the more modern version of Feed listed below, but is certainly from an era without transformations, plane_masters, and... vertical shooting...

Nadrew shared the latest developments to Eternia: Battlegrounds over the course of the past two weeks. Quests and performance enhancements were the targets, and the end result features some sizable statistics, such as an 80% reduction in memory usage, and over 30 quests! The quest gains are thanks to the completion of an easily expanded quest system, so fill that quest log! And what to do with all of your quest rewards? That's next on the development radar, banking and item storage!

Kumorii and Unwanted4Murder are in the fray of Feed development. The feature presentation in the second development log is the addition of the points system and gun shop. Players gain career score and shop credits by take down the undead monstrosities, then are given an occasional opportunity to spend those credits at the gun shop with creative captions. The update also includes information about performance gains and a changelog that puts the number of US constitutional amendments to shame.

Tacurumin has been upgrading the graphics in Futebol Total, A bilingual soccer game. He started out with a new base player icon, then animated the running and walking, wore out his character, and added customizations. Then crafted up new entry menus. Looks like he's making goals to me!

BYOND Resources

  • Finding screen object positioning confusing? Avidanimefan shares his implementation that uses percentages to determine locations.
  • Kitsueki created two sorting functions, merge and bubble style. Then in the comments, included some handy statistical math procs.
  • Need unique identifiers for your objects? Zecronious' tag generator may be able to help!
  • Kumorii shared a collection of dungeon tiles. Check them out for your next roguelike!


I would like to reflect that last year, I made a return back to DM programming yet again. This was the year where I finally entered SPanimScript into the general public on GitHub in library form. Also the year I released my first game in over 5 years known as Jack O'Lanter (along with being my first ever Game In A Day Entry).

Now for my vision of 2017, I would like to start with beginning to encourage design of HUDs using image objects. I hope to bring out ImageIO this year (work out the current kinks). I have yet another vision due to my recent return to reverse engineering and creating a very interesting project. This became the BYOND File Handler (which was started October 2016 and the DMB core is mostly finished). While this can be used for things like analysis; I have another plan in mind. If I get permission from the current owner of BYOND (Lummox JR), I would like to work on an alternative compiler (possibly community run).

In fact, this could serve as a great pathway to extending the language with a superset of DM. Already messed around with some prototyping while handcoding experimental DMB files. This is not official yet, but it's something worth discussing about for the future. Think of it as DM++ or SuperDM should a superset exist. One perk is it should still work with what Dream Seeker/Web Client is currently capable of.

Darker Emerald

It was a long yet an interesting year for 2016. Being back in school made me remember why I disliked school in the first place. Floods of assignments, social anxiety, supporting the family and trying to update The Last Conflict was more then I bargained for ha-ha.

None the less I managed to update TLCs old lighting system and take advantage of some of byond's new features which resulted in a faster and stable build. Although TLC's progress has been a slow change from outdated mechanics, graphics and music which Andy Gillion(Mors principium est) was more than happy to contribute along side with my compositions. Still a long road ahead but the hard work is paying off.

It was really awesome seeing the steam community take great interest in TLC which resulted in the game being Greenlit and hope to get it up asap. It's truly remarkable to see how far BYOND's engine has come since 2006. I wish the best to everyone with their games and only wish to see BYOND blossom with more features that I just can't seem to keep up to date with ha-ha. With all the games I see in the works lately. 2017 will definitely be an interesting one so keep up the good work everyone and thanks for all the hard work you put into the engine Lummox! =]

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hopefully TLC garners a new fanbase of Steam players. I would love for a Revival to happen <3
PIXEL_SCALE is in for 511.1375.
Thanks for the mention !
Good work all around, and thanks again to Lummox especially!