Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
Its very out of date and has no extensions enabled.
For one, I'd like :memory: allowed (i don't think its explicitly disabled, but its not checked in new())
For two, the JSON, sha1, session, spellfix1, FTS5, regex, series, and compression extensions being compiled in would be awesome.
(Bolded ones or of highest desire, italicized ones of medium desire.)

These extensions are all very useful and could potentially be used to aid in offloading processing from BYOND (some more calculation heavy functions, anyway.)

In addition, you could implement virtual tables and sqlite functions to tie into BYOND some way. There's the vtshim extension to aid with embedding in languages that use a GC. (pipedream, unnecessary)

This would be excellent for 512 (even better for 511 but I imagine thats out of the question by this point.)

tg would like memory and sha1 the most, fts5 looks cool.
:memory: is pretty important to allowing us to use sqlite functions when the server is -trusted or similar.
:memory: would be great to have, especially since we could (ab)use it to offload some things elsewhere
+1 for this. Could do some sweet things with any of those extensions really.
Yes. Please.
I will donate 100 USD if this is done, some of these extensions would be quite useful!
This is something I can look into. I'll take a look when I can.

ATM I'm still behind on a couple of bug issues because I'm still sick.
Yeah, this would be extremely helpful for some applications. The JSON extension would be amazing. Thank you for taking a look whenever you can, Lummox!
Any updates on this?
I mentioned recently that I think it's time to update SQLite. To be honest I had forgotten about the request for extensions. This will be high on my 514 list.