So I was trying to download the beta for BYOND so I can play Space Station 13 when I got a message on my computer saying something went wrong and it needed to be reset. This is after my computer thought it was a virus, rendering me unable to open BYOND. I am using a windows 10 computer. Please tell me what to do.
First, you need to report the false positive to whoever makes your antivirus software. That's very important. Then you should reinstall BYOND and make sure that your antivirus software doesn't freak out over it.

As with any blue screen, you should also write down the info it says (or take a picture with your phone, or something) so you can reference that later.

BYOND itself cannot make your computer blue-screen. The BSOD is a result of something going wrong at a system software level, typically with driver software. So another good suggestion would be to make sure your graphics drivers are updated.
It was the BYOND beta installer that caused the BSOD.

I managed to write down some error information from it:


What failed: PSKMAD.Sys
I do not know how to report a false positive to Panda either.
If Panda is giving you blue screens, stop using it. Switch to some other antivirus instead. BYOND has no control over Panda's behavior, so whatever PSKMAD.Sys is doing wrong is nothing we can prevent.
Ya, byond isn't causing the bluescreen, panda is, the bug is in panda's software, and byond is just accidentally triggering the bug in panda, most likely part of panda's heuristics scanning.

For good anti-virus your choices are basically nod32 and the built in windows defender (windows security essentials in windows 7)

Everything else sucks and isn't worth your time or money.
I switched from Panda to Windows Defender and it worked. Thanks!