Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
Hi everybody,

BRT has been going through a rough time for the past while, and though this is unfortunate it's only to be expected given the lack of moderation present. I'm partly to blame for this, of course, and I acknowledge that. I hope that this update will set things on the right path.

BRT has been, throughout its history, largely dependent on the administration team to be present. Progression has been tied to how much you roleplayed, as well as whether or not the administration team liked your roleplay. This system has not been changed, and will continue to be present in the game for at least a while longer, but moderators are no longer the main source of power gain.

Instead, it is active roleplay itself that is the source of power gain: the more that you roleplay (either through Say or Roleplay), the more activity you gain. The more activity you have, the more power you gain per minute. The numbers that run this system are subject to change based on progression, but I hope that this will prove to be a positive change.

I love it!
Nice, really hope to see BRT come back
i'll be there as always.
I'll be there the same as well!