Naruto Byond Game

by Cutskyopen
Fresh new Naruto game on Byond
It's a new project. At the moment there are few clans, each of them has a number of jutsus. The game is a fast paced pvp based on manga/anime Naruto. For now it's only a fight box with testing purposes, but we will be adding everything including:

- villages
- mission system (both solo and coop)
- events
- factions
- unique ideas

The game isn't 24/7 yet and there is no saving system because we are adding new stuff every week. It's very important to us if you add the game to favourite, join, and help us with testing. Your feedback and opinions are most welcome.

Kinds regards,
Team leader, Cutskyopen


- macros added in the game

- gates for Tai Specialist

Any feed back or request for new features/jutsus is always most welcome, guys :) Peace!
New things are being added to the game every week! Please, if you have any questions or ideas feel free to share with us!
Game looks promising, i like the graphics and the models for jutsus.
By the way, i believe that adding diagonal walking would make the movimentation pacing much better.