Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by Retro Revival
Take your Questing online!
Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick is an online Dragon Quest fangame that has stood the test of time. Shadows of Erdrick has recently undergone a massive overhaul to its gameplay mechanics, so now is the best time to jump in and see what makes this one of the most beloved games on Byond!

Game features:
- A level cap of 99; further expansions after the Sky Tower will bump this up by 50+ levels!

- 5 worlds to explore!

- Monster taming! We have several monsters that can be captured and be used on your team!

Our current staff is:
Moo - Host
Lasher - GM
Krast - Dev
Thought i'd open the conversation further by saying, this is the best game I've ever played.
Dang right it is :D
This is the greatest and best game in the world. A masterpiece.
this game is surely amazing to still be here after it was first introduced to the byond masses back in 2008.
its crazy to think about how long its been here. I for sure will keep coming back again and again to play this game.
Delwarren, not 2008, I started in 2004. It is even older then that.
Can't wait to get back online.
Any new skills for thief and bard? is there a new spell list?
I hope this returns. Old version was hosted for a while, but I'd much rather play the newest version.
Gasp! Where did the server run off to?! I see no announcement on the SoE Facebook page, either.