Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
The Issue

Pretty much, as I've proceeded to map in the DM editor, I've often run into scenarios where my turf doesn't quite fit into the map as envisioned. By this? I mean -- for example -- using a small flower turf to fill out my area. Despite bein in a 32 x 32 sprite, it'd be position at the center, and would only stretch out to ten pixels.

But. . .?

That particular positioning doesn't quite complement the rest of my surroundings [say me wanting to bunch up a set of single flower sprites to form a cluster?].

So I figure, why not just push the flower by manipulating pixel_x or y. And then you realize that doing so leaves a nasty blank mark on the map, proportionate to how far you've pushed it. That's not pretty at all. For an object, this wouldn't be a problem at all.

The Solution

For this, I'd suggest adding a new variable, or even morphing pixel_x/y to function different for turfs. Rather than displacing the turf itself, the variable would automatically adjust the dmi image to shift in accordance to the variable's value.

Of course, like with pixel_x/y, it should immediately become visible on the map.

I recognize that someone could probably make their own DMM editor that could produce similar results. but I think this is a feature that would be useful built-in.
If you want flowers on turfs, you should separate their icon from the turf and place them as objs with whatever pixel_x/y (or step_x/y, in pixel movement) that you want.
I dislike using objs when the graphic will only be pure aesthetics.
In response to Meme01
The feature request is that you want a way to shift an icon so that it wraps around, like icon.Shift(wrap=1) but with an appearance variable. Of course, this means you wouldn't be able to have flowers on the border between turfs, because they would be split on opposite sides of the same turf. This also means you can't have multiple flowers inside the same turf.

Your aversion to using objs for their intended purpose is not a great example of how this feature could be used.
Hrm? Not sure if I'm understanding this properly. Why wouldn't I be able to have multiple flowers on the same turf, and why wouldn't I be able to make it shift to the borders between turfs. For example.

Turf A [32 x 32] - Flow could be centered. If I wanted to say make it be one pixel to the left of the tile's actual location, I could make the proposed variable be 17. THen it'd be one spot off [like pixel_x].

Turf B [32 x 32] - The same could be done. And I've noticed that so long as the atom, or instance is DIFFERENT from the other, on the map editor, I can theoretically stack an infinite amount of sprites on the same location.

So could very easily just do slight variations to build a cluster.

Also, uh. I dunno, may not be as intended. But I don't bother with using an object or mob if the graphic isn't of something that can either move or be interacted with. Sure I could do that, but eh prefer if I could just easily shift my turfs about.

Inb4 not feasible.
In response to Meme01
I think I misunderstood the request. It's obvious that shifting a turf would leave "black marks" behind when there's nothing there to draw (because the turf no longer covers those pixels), so I wasn't sure how you intended to fill in that gap.

I think what you want is the ability to nudge a turf that is stacked on another turf, where you have separate grass and flower icons, and you want to stack flowers with pixel offsets on grass.

You can do this with objs by placing the flowers as objs on the map. At runtime, add the obj to the overlays of their loc and then delete the obj.
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