Dunno if this is the right forum but I noticed that 511 lags notably more than 510.
I noticed that just by trying to move around the map.
Any ideas why's that??
Not without a lot more info.
Ok using icon_size=32, fps=60. I created 400 mobs(90x90) and added clothes overlay on each of them. I just use the keyboard to move through these mobs and I get lag. in the previous version the lag was much lower now it is more notable.

all setings were the same in both Versions.
Tested in 511.1364 and the latest 511.1381

Btw without overlays there is no lag.
Are you using KEEP_TOGETHER? And what is the very first version where this lag appears?
I have experienced noticable lag next to other mobs. I thought I've had a while() proc or something causing that but no... Can't seem to remember on what version the lag started either. :/

Any ways I can help debug that? What info do you need?
Can confirm this issue even with different appearance flags being used or not. I'll spend a little time going through the byond versions until I find the one that does not have an issue. I'll send a demo as well if needed.
Is it possible that some major changes were made to how overlays work? I'm using multiple lists to handle overlays for different body parts and was able to create some HEAVY lag by spamming the add overlay to different body parts.

Nothing that substantive would have changed. But if you're using KEEP_TOGETHER it may have an impact.
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Lummox JR wrote:
Nothing that substantive would have changed. But if you're using KEEP_TOGETHER it may have an impact.

I think I got my hands on whats causing the lag!!
I'm gonna make a bug report but just quickly, did anything change in the way maptext are handled? It's from maptext!

edit: bug report here:
Here you go lummox it has something to do with the layers. Create 2500 Mobs and walk around, nothing is lagging.

Create 1250 MOBS, than add 1 layer of cloths to each. The frames drop considerably.

To exaggerate this you can create 10,000 mobs and it still wont lag when they have no overlays.

*edit* Honestly I did not know the impact KEEP_TOGETHER has as changing these in my game fixed the frame drops I had.
Yep, KEEP_TOGETHER was the issue just like I thought. I'll take a look though and see if there's anything in 510 vs. 511 that might be performing worse with that flag.