Applies to:Webclient
Status: Open

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At the moment I assume everything actually local ( is not showing advertisements or the 30 second delay to join a server. But it is a real pain in the ass to have to wait 30 seconds to join a server i'm hosting on a server beside me, because apparently that is not local enough.

So I'd love if the actual IP is checked too, rather than just localhost.
Joining your local IP shouldn't show an ad either, as long as you're not using the external IP of the box. I've never had an ad play when joining something on my LAN.
What is the lan ip of this server?
Yeah this can be pretty annoying when you are trying to rapidly test small changes in your game.
I join using the external IP, but then that should still recognize that I am not a random player though.
The question is, why would you join with your external IP? You're literally adding another layer to your connection to the server (which is why you're getting an ad, all the server knows is you're connecting from a non-local IP).

Even when you connect to your OWN computer using the external IP you're effectively routing everything you do in the game out to the internet and back (hopefully your ISP is smart enough to not route it all the way across the country and back) because most routers (and programs) won't recognize your external IP as belonging to you, just some computer out on the internet somewhere trying to connect to you.