Hello Readers! Spring appears to have sprung, bringing grass that requires a weekly trimming, splendid daffodils and tulips, and the looming storm clouds that make the prior two possible. Enough about this "real world" stuff, let's check out what is brewing up around BYOND!


BYOND 511 is officially the stable build! Lummox JR delayed the release, saving the inevitable possibility of bugs for a new work week, then summarized many of the new developments from what was available in 510. So with 511 now in maintenance mode, ''feasibility testing'' of desirable features in 512 has begun! Chaining procs and variables appears to have the green light, and have triggered a caravan of other traditional punctuation operators, like .. and .?. HUD location notation is under exploration, Backlashes and quotes are making their escape with a new @raw literal format, and hub subscription enhancements have not yet slipped out of sight!


Players are now more powerful in Eternia: Battlegrounds after last weekend's double experience gains event! A few days prior to that, a change was made to the way that enemies drop items in the RPG adventure game, making rare drops more likely by allowing monsters to drop more than one item, prompting the banker to expand safety deposit box space by 50 spots for subscribers. The rift mage has shown kindness as well, lowering his fee by 90%.

Kumorii has begun writing the official Feed victory guide! He starts by explaining how the difficulty of the round based shooter progresses, eventually degrading into a free-for-all barrage of bullets, fire, explosives, monsters, and aliens! To stir the pot further, wave objectives change, and a dozen modifiers break all expectations. So what should be done with that ever-growing cash pile? Spend it on powerful weapons, perks, and power-ups! As far as progress goes? There's new maps, haircuts, guns, destructible objects, and way too many other changes to stuff in this column!

Update 15 for Kozuma3's competitive shooter named Paradoxus is ready to take some hits. This update includes several modifications and bug fixes, including performance (and logical) changes to the lighting system, enhancing of the configurable text file to allow for limitations on perks and weapon attachments, and ditching the head-bobbing effect of walking.

Two of the greatest athletes of all time have gathered for a championship challenge of epic proportions in Super Sports Battle by Unwanted4Murder! The two Olympians ready themselves for the disc tossing, bending, and catching sport, first to score ten goals wins! He dashes and dives, it's a curve disk! The easy AI never stood a chance. The very hard one however...

Deep Bottom by Byakuia123 made its debut as an applicant for the Ludum Dare challenge! The maze minder adventure tells the physical face story of two lovebirds who broke up, causing one to flee into a maze. Go after her. But watch out, as the walls have ears, and the darkness is consuming.

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I was playing a game called final revelations until recently.

I witnessed a child rape ERP

Complained about it too the admins and was codebanned.
Complained about it too the admins and was codebanned.

Don't worry. It probably took them 200 lines of code to do it.
Trundling back to england soon and I can't wait to make and play! And talk to all of my friendy-poos!