So, I've been learning to compose since early March. I'm mostly interested in old school 8bit trackers, so I just tool around in BeepBox, which is a pretty neat tool.

In the past few months I've probably put out about 20 short songs totaling about 30 minutes of music.

The mix could use a little more mastering to brighten it back up a bit. Right now the mix is very center-guided, which is fine, but it ends up sounding dulled a bit.

Other than that, as for early composition pieces, they're not bad.

Fortunately for any electronic work, mastering is the easy part. Actually writing the music is the hardest part. I'd say continue massaging the melodies. Any time you think it sounds too repetitive after listening to it a million times, add some variation in the melody.

The most important thing I ever learned from composing was that you can't just write 4 separate tracks in the same key and have it sound good, but that's innately how it's written.

We have to learn how to write music and instruments together and coexistent and not just stop at the 4-separate-tracks phase.
great stuff man
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