Shinobi World

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Shinobi World
It all starts with you ...
Hello BYOND, as some of you may be aware of Shinobi World's existence on here we would like to officially introduce SW to the BYOND Community.

Although, the game's origin start point may be a couple years back, it was just an idea at the time. The real development began late 2016. Much work has already been done such as the core systems, including the Combat System, Day & Night System, Character Creation and other things. As time goes on the team is still working as swiftly as possible to perfect other minor details and bringing life to the game, but please do keep in mind the development team is quite small, made up of about two or three people as of right now. We are trying are best to work quick but also taking our time due other real life issues.

While working on programming, there is also a lot of work being done on the art side of the game. SW will be a game not only be a game based on enjoyment of gameplay but the art will also pay a HUGE role. In fact, its one of the areas time and effort is mostly dedicated to.

Here's a quick example of the process Head Pixel Artist (Johnjo10) goes through in creating the art.

Leaf Academy:
 photo Dev Log 1_zpspeivef72.png

 photo GIF_zpsbbmix8dc.gif

We thought we woud just show you guys a little snippet of the game. This post is just raise a bit more awareness and put some attention towards SW on the BYOND Community. Please give feedback, feature request or suggetions in our forums. If there are any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you

Good looking art. Always nice to see another game being produced. Also, you guys kinda posted the same message twice.

Curious to hear about features.
Nice to know the game is still alive and nice to see Johnjo is improving.
In response to 5ratsuperhalo
Thanks! and we are still trying our best to get this out.!
Nice art
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Thank you PixelComet! Really appreciated.

oh look another nicely designed game to never see the light of day
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Although some comments are unproductive and futile, all comments and contributions are still welcomed here. With that said, we do assure you that work is constantly being done on the game and the team has been on this for quite some time and we've come so far, so why stop now? Simply put? We do not plan on quitting.

Thank You.
nice game, I enjoy it and can see myself playing it alot
How so?