PayPal Shop

by A.T.H.K
Simple PayPal Shop

I was just wondering if this feature can be properly implemented yet. I remember around a year or so ago, i tried to implement this to my own personal dropbox, but due to BYOND's browser function it rendered this rather useless in the sense that you couldn't use it for what it was essentially designed for. I really like this feature, and it would be great if I could properly use it for a game i'm currently making.


I don't actually know to be quite frank.. (the demo should still be functional?)

When it was developed it was fine, I believe it was used by KidPaddle? PiratesOnline or something.

Hosting on DropBox won't help you need MySQL and PHP .. So webservice with allows Remote MySQL connections would be your best bet... I thought I mentioned that on the hub page?
Sorry about that, I meant I tried using it with my own PayPal, and hosting it through byondpanel with MySQL and PHP. But i always got an error saying to update my browser. I was wondering if that was fixed at all?

I take it if KidPaddle was able to implement it into PiratesOnline, then the whole browser issue was fixed?
That may have been awhile ago. The browser issue is more than likely PayPal stopping BYONDs use of its old shitty implementation of IE...