Welcome to worlds BYOND! In this video, we cover the basics of what you get when you download the BYOND software, including how to navigate the BYOND Pager. We also take a look at how to load Dream Daemon and Dream Maker, and where online to find resources to help get you started making your own multiplayer online games!


Special thanks to Multiverse7 for the great 3D rendering of the BYOND atom!

Edit 2/22/2018: Fixed the link to the video!
I really like the idea of making videos to introduce people to BYOND, but you have a couple of errors in your terminology that kind of grate on me. I think "game making software" really sells BYOND short and doesn't give an accurate representation of what it really is. BYOND is a suite of programs, chief of which being DreamMaker - the aforementioned "game making software" - which is the IDE for the DM language. You also refer the webclient as a "browser feature," which just... sounds silly.

Overall though, great job! Have you submitted it anywhere?
Thanks. Yeah, I'm just a hobbyist game designer, so I sometimes use terms that aren't quite accurate, but at least a layperson can understand it. Most of my audience are people who like technical hobbyist stuff from games like Minecraft, so even if I can't describe things correctly, at least it speaks well to the majority of my audience--though I'm sure there are also some computer programmers who know more than me, but just find my videos interesting.

DM is a good language for hobbyists like me, since it is pretty easy to learn and tinker with, and I think my audience would really enjoy learning more about it! I may not be a professional programmer, but at least DM is a language I can wrap my mind around and figure out a few things. Hopefully it can help more people get into BYOND! I think if more people knew what BYOND can do these days with what Lummox has been adding, I think more people would try it out.

I just thought I'd post this video here, too, rather than just on my YouTube channel. I'm sure most people in the forums are experts already, but I just thought I'd show what I was up to recently. :)

What do you mean by submitting it somewhere? I just make YouTube videos for my channels, so I didn't really have in mind to submit the video somewhere else.

Anyway, I hope to make a series for beginners (though depending on my work, I'm not sure how frequently I'll be posting to my YouTube channel).

Thanks for the feedback!
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I dunno, I wasn't thinking of anything specific -- just maybe any relevant social media like /r/DreamMakers, /r/BYOND, or I think BYOND has a Facebook group that nobody uses anymore? Sorry I wasn't more specific in the first place. Just want to reiterate that I'm really glad you did this! I think video tutorials, and maybe even especially beginner tutorials, are really important for the language.
Ah, I see! Yeah, I may post to some of those places, too.

Thanks! I do think Dream Maker is easy to use for beginners, so I hope to get some of my audience as excited about it as I am. :)
Fixed the link to the video! With the changes in YouTube, I consolidated my channels, so now my BYOND tutorials will be on this channel: