Eu estava jogando dragon universe entrei no server [EZ Server (Planet Destroy On, Fast Revives, High Gains, No rules, No Admins)] até que me deparei com um cara falando isso
all brazils = gay tranny
go for brazil if want die in shit place make $1 a year all shit = brazil
favela = a shit
Among other things and well I am Brazilian and what this guy did and racism but I would leave an example of laguem that has no notion of what and Brazil than being a Brazilian he even said that Brazil is a race and I will not divulge Your nick on the server nor your real here but if any authority we can say so come and ask I still have the names
And I wanted to know how to make a complaint in the US in Northern America? Why if I am not mistaken if I denounce here in brazil nothing can be done mainly because he is north america then but so I think nothing can be done anyway the moral lesson is not racisata with nothing nationality, race, religion Okay, do it because one day this could happen to you.
bye S2
There's nothing to be done, simply don't play that server anymore.