This is one thing I never understood in Star Fox 64.
You fly over the surface of the sun in one stage.
Since the arwing obviously doesn't melt from under you, how do you explain the lack of blindness? Anyway...

-Fun Facts-
*Originally, I left the first line as "Do the rockaway" but I wanted to squeeze in that catchphrase one more time. It fit so well.

*"This baby can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees" was an actual line when flying the Solar mission.

*Scyther really is Pokemon #123 in Red/Blue.

*"Waka waka waka!", "Fozzie!" are lines from 'The Muppet Babies'.
You've done it again.
I know I haven't commented yet, but i've been reading all of these, they're great
"*Scyther really is Pokemon #123 in Red/Blue."

That was a very fun stupid fact. Good comic though. :D
The baby hood orniment was fantastic.