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Shinobi World
It all starts with you ...

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Hello Members of the BYOND Community. We're back again with another development log! We love keeping you guys up to date on all our progress and all we ask for in return is to give us your productive feedback. With that being said, in today's dev-log we will be speaking on SW's UI (User Interface), Music and Sound Effects. There is also something else we would like to introduce, Shinobi World's very own Discord!

User Interface

Basically, in Shinobi World the interface was created and designed in such a way that everything is sort of Macro Based so there wouldn't have to be much use for the mouse or verbs right from Jutsus, Opening your inventory, Missions log, and even the chat system. Here's just a snippet of what the UI looks will look like.

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Music & Sound Effects

Over the years of playing and exploring BYOND games, we realized a lot of games don't take advantage of the ability to make one's world "come alive" with music and effects, including sound. They actually play a major role in any game and a lot of BYOND games tend not to implement such things. I've noticed that playing games with those effects and sounds and even music makes me feel more.....into the game? If that makes sense. So we've made it our priority to make that a major part of our production. We plan on having sound effects even for the smallest things. Birds, Leaves, walking through patches of grass or a wooden floor and anything else we can possibly think of. All though it will take time to come up with all these sounds, it can be done and is very possible, so it will be done. But another very special feature we would like to introduce is the fact that, Shinobi World will even have its own originally made and composed Soundtracks!

We are also very pleased to announce that Shinbo World's Discord is now open to everyone! So please join and give us all your feedback, suggestions and thoughts. Shinobi World Discord <-- Click Here

Here's a snippet of Shinobi World's Official Soundtrack!
SW - "Path of a SHinobi"

Great work I am so hyped for this. By the way who created the soundtrack? It is amazing and fits perfectly in the Naruto Universe. I look forward to your progress and hope this will be the next big thing on Byond since Byond seems to be slowly dying. Great Art Work btw!
Thank you so much Blackstar! this is exactly the kind of feedback we love to hear. & most defintely, we are doing our best.

The soundtrack was produced and composed by I
Why don't you open commissions for developers on BYOND? I'm sure you can make a few bucks composing some songs.
It's actually something that's been on my mind for quite some time now, just might take yours and my own advice. Would you be interested in some soundtracks?
Maybe in the future, in the process of building my PC as I do not currently have one at home.
Ok, great! Would love to hear more from you!