Pokémon Unnamed Version

by XSky RiderX
DS-style turn-based battle system. Undergoing construction.
Hello everyone! Yes, I'm still alive.

I feel like I owe everyone an explanation on why I had disappeared, and what the status of the game currently is.

A number of events happened around the time of the game being down, both good and bad. I don't mean to bring any of my personal life into this, but certain situations had affected my mood and also my motivation for this game. I don't mean to instill fear into anyone that this would happen again. I do feel bad about leaving and I want to assure you guys that it won't.

In conjunction with these events, there were also certain aesthetic features I wished to revamp, namely the interface. The one and only problem was my indecisiveness, as I could not make up my mind for how I wanted it to look. I can be a huge perfectionist, so if something I made doesn't seem "good enough," I scrap it. I can program quite well, but art and aesthetic designing were never really my strong points haha. So with this discouragement, I took even more breaks.

However, I've just finished school and I'm casually taking my time with the game again one day at a time.

Cool, so why am I not hosting it? Well, aside from the current additions and changes I have made, and my list of features that I plan to add, I don't want to disappoint anyone with the current build of the game. While there have been changes since last year, they're nothing incredibly major. I feel like I owe everyone something better, so bear with me that progress will resume, and that the game will be up again. I can't say when, and I'm not sure how many things I want to add before even hosting it. Don't expect too much though. Let me know how you guys feel.

Feel free to keep in touch through the pager. I still use my awfully old messenger account for skype as well: [email protected]
I could make a discord for the game too if that's something y'all want.

<3 and miss ya'll!
Go for discord, we all left skype (Me, Syxoul, GA, others)
Though I must contact with GA about your sudden revival through PSN so he can hop on discord if you make the game a discord server.

All aside, hope all it's good on your side, take it easy, no rush. Everyone has their problems to take care of, that's just the bullshits of life lol, just give a heads up when you feel the need to talk with the gang when something going on.

Till then, talk to you later man.
Here's a link to the discord server: https://discord.gg/KY4cdJV

I also put it on the hub page.