I'm using a server provider to host my own server. I've set up a database and downloaded the code but something isn't working anymore.
Every time I try to connect to the server, it takes a while saying "connecting." Then the screen flashes and it says your game will load soon but it doesn't load at all :D.
This is an error I keep getting:
*** glibc detected *** DreamDaemon: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x15f6bba0 ***

If anyone wants, you can add me on steam at or add me on discord at Super_#9850 if you think you can help me :3

Some guy said I should post a thing here as he's seen a problem like this before but can't help much himself :D
Can you provide additional information?

What type of OS is this on?

If it is on Linux, do you see any error messages in /var/log/messages?

Did you follow a post in this forum when setting it up or try to go at it by yourself?

You said you created a database, what is that needed for when it comes to Byond?
Oh I've closed my server now
Sorry to hear that. If you decide to do it again there is a nice step by step guide here on the forums to help you get started if you decide to do a linux type server.