The main issues I discovered should basically have been resolved already; I never found any issue with spiking.
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Any information you can give me about what exactly you're seeing, and what steps I should take to reproduce it, would be helpful. If I just load up and start moving around without knowing what to look for I don't think I'll get much of anywhere.
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So, the issue we're facing is that DreamSeeker slows way down seemingly at random. It isn't really tied to anything on screen, and it isn't related to specific areas of the map. It just .. craps out.

We've isolated it to the DreamSeeker client because all of the actual stuff on their screen slows down as well. Any effects, filters, animations they are seeing start to crap out and slow down. It just hits a big performance crunch.

The only actual trend I've noticed is that the performance drops off hard when users move through our portals to get from zone to zone. These portals use a combination of animate calls and filters to pull off their funky effect. It also seems that the detrimental performance impact lingers even after the effects are long gone.

I'm happy to help chat through things if I can be any more help.
Can you give me specific instructions on what to do in your game with the source you sent, to see the issue in action? Without that I can't do anything.
Has there been any update in regards to this? I sent instructions via a pager message, and I'm happy to do whatever it takes to get this fixed as it's a huge thorn in our side here.

Since my last post I now have specific areas of the map that this issue can be reproduced on time and time again. We've also discovered that this rendering problem only happens for when the currently connected client moves. They can see everything else rendering completely smoothly if they remain still (players, non-playing characters, animations, etc)

That means also that people can move around and other players will see them moving buttery smooth, however they'll see themselves skipping around and performing choppily. This also isn't isolated to network, as we've tested this with multiple people on various different machines.

This also performs identically even at different client view sizes. We tested this at a critically low view size of 1x1 to see if it was a problem with that and the issue persisted.
This is 100% an issue with Dream Seeker. It makes absolute no sense.
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