Final Resurrection

by Volkov911
Final Resurrection
Do you think you have what it takes to achieve the Final Resurrection?
Server's been down for a while now, so is the UL site and forums. Is UL still gonna happen?
Yes, yes it is. I am terribly sorry about the sudden down time, but we had some problems with our host, and eventually ran out of funding. The UL site and Forums will be returning as soon as possible, and FR will be taken care of some time in the future. UL is progressing nicely, even if a bit slowly, and WILL be happening as soon as possible.
Inform your friends, and any old players that played that you know, that it will be coming back up soon. We'll be waiting for y'all once it's back up.
Thats good news, when FR comes back up will there be a pwipe?
Yes. It will be pwiped before it comes back up. If we can get enough players online for the first few days, there will be a double experience event to compensate for this-- along with the down time-- and to boost player morale.

Along with this, the rules have been revamped, since this will be a recovery server.

Join a random game and type this in and click it to join the ninja server. FR is back, and version 19.9 is ready to fill your needs.
Goodie goodie gumdrops :P