Summer is officially here (well, as far as it matters), not that you'd know it from the weather. Some graduations have already happened, especially for college students, and now it's time to get serious about making games!

This was a spotty week for development, not just because of the holiday but for various other reasons besides, so progress was not what I would have wanted it to be. Nevertheless I've pushed forward on the visual contents stuff, which is coming along nicely. Turfs are now able to be included in visual contents--which includes all of their official contents (no overhangers, only objects whose loc is the turf). This comes with a couple of technical challenges I still haven't faced: 1) Gliding and step offsets should be ignored for any movable in visual contents, but not a movable that's on a turf in visual contents. 2) The client needs to be made aware of any turfs in visual contents that they otherwise wouldn't be able to see, and they need to know when to let go of that turf.

Obviously there are some drawbacks to turfs in visual contents that interfere with the possibility of certain special effects. For instance, if you have a rectangular area that's using turfs from another area in their visual contents, you also need for at least a 1-tile width of turfs outside of that to do the same thing if gliding and/or pixel movement are to look right. I'd still really prefer a way to just grab a whole region at once and go with that, but honestly I'm not sure how I'd go about it. Maybe that's something for a future version.

Some bug reports are high on my list, including a report that isometric mode sees weird frame rate reductions at certain edges of the map--which frankly makes no sense to me but it still needs to be checked. I also need to look into some hub stuff, because one of the reports regards hub confusion about world visibility when hosting. And I have of course looked at other parts of the code for various other reasons this week, but nothing that's much worth talking about here.

Thanks to everyone who supported BYOND in May. I love you guys. Please somebody come up with a good Roguelike this month, because I've been dying to play one.
We love you too Lummox! Keep up the awesome work! It's always so appreciated, you're the best!
I'm saving my love for 512 >.>
512 is in the womb. But I suppose since we're all liberals here, it's not real until birth.
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I don't think a post this short has ever made me laugh so hard in my life.
I want a meme of daffy and bugs pulling the hunting season thing off the tree but with 511 & 512.