The character creation screen on my game is instance 20 on the map. All had been working perfectly until i tried to change the mapsize and instance numbers. When i realized that it was a problem, what i did was switch the map with a backup. No changes to the coding were made to effect the creation screen but now when i test the game the creation screen appears like this [see image below]

The problem is the character creation screen SHOULD LOOK as illustrated when i look at it's instance on the map... which i will post as well.
I'm confused as to why this is in Beta Testers instead of Developer Help. What am I missing?
I'm sorry. It was an honest mistake. I'll repost it there.
You might have to resize the png file which is being used for your backdrop. I made a Similar mistake in finale retro, when i changed the maps it resized my backdrop for the title, i ended up having to just make a whole new one from scratch , You might have to do the same.