by F0lak
Explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders


  • Bricks now weigh less than stones
  • Boards now weigh less than logs
  • Tailoring now includes a recipe for Thread
  • You can zoom in with the scroll wheel
  • The mouse cursor matches what you craft when dragging a recipe
  • Masonry now includes actions for digging
  • Emptying a cauldron now asks for confirmation
  • Chests with locks can now be closed by locking, just like doors
  • Items now have a pick-up animation
  • Fishing now has a skill level that affects your fishing speed and success chance
  • Forges are now containers of fuel and ore. Left-click the forge to open, drag and drop items to transfer materials, and right-click the forge to toggle the fire.
  • Mounts placed on boats will no longer move away
  • Making quills works now
  • Buckets can now be crafted into the inventory like other crafted items
  • Combat mode now is disabled on death
  • Medium dead trees can now be chopped like the non-dead ones
  • Snow bushes are now as small as the non-snow bushes
  • Animal skinning products/heads now spawn aligned with the corpse
  • Northern metal helmet's overlay was incomplete
  • Boats and mounts now match speed with the rider
  • "Flurm Nest nest" is now just "Flurm nest"
  • Crafting grid squares no longer slide around
  • Added admin verbs for adding/removing new admins
  • Toolbelts for easier tool-use
Can we throw items, woud weight affect distance thrown-
, ...
Zoom in -
.You can zoom in with the scroll wheel
Good good excellent.
Just one question, What role to Pi. play in all this
LOOK !!!!! i madde my own language it says... hello kaiochao ;) i think ur very pretty
This game still isn't dead?
how muny cubes u are asking...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HhXDLoikb4 CUUBESS!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQk_9EjFfxg kaiochao its java its urgent !!!!
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