Curtain Call

by Maltet
Curtain Call
A Journey to the West inspired role-playing game

Curtain Call is a non-profit Journey to the West inspired role-playing game.

Here, you'll play the role of a mystical character that you define. Along the way, you'll meet a colorful cast of other players in your adventures that will aid or hinder you along your story.

We're looking to add some neat little features a little further down the line. Behind the scenes, we have a small, friendly team of dedicated admins and an active programmer. We all hope to provide the community with some quality entertainment from our game. Our discord link is

Very intresting game! good luck!
i was enjoying this game a lot, and suddenly majinbeerus decides to shut down the discord and the server without giving anyone so much as a word. sadboys
So, some games got hit. Rip DU and FR. Hope this remains low-key af.