Hello Readers! Yut Put recently shared a video he found about how to get over one of the walls that most of us run into while developing a game (realistically, many projects spanning over many skills). The runtime on the video is seven minutes, but well worth the watch! The advice to make it over the wall boils down to ''Just do it'', but the message also reminds us that the barrier will come, and your not alone when you get there. Lets see who has made progress these few weeks!


Construction on BYOND 512 is still being carried out by BYOND Architect Lummox JR, with visual contents being the centerpiece of a devlog. Turfs are now included with an atoms visual contents, pending the resolve of a handful of considerations. He also spent some time patching and tidying up the Webclient in BYOND 511. The stable version released today included a number of display fixes and fully fledged font support.


Take down the hordes of maleficent monsters as Feed enters its open alpha stage! The 3/4th perspective action shooter features unique waves of enemies and bosses and can now be played single player using the stand alone installer. Kumorii's latest Devlog mentions damage control for certain guns and a fresh challenge to obtain one of the Top Five leader board positions this month.

The player crafted world of Hazordhu is back to working order, with a few new changes and features. Kaiochao fixed up a layering issue with text during character creation, then the team added new features like scroll wheel zooming and tool belts. Raw materials weight more than their refined decedents, mounts stay put when loaded onto boats, and and repeated words have been deleted.

While development on Eternia: Battlegrounds has recently been slow, plenty of projects, places, and features are underway. Nadrew fills us in on how the creation of the Elemental Caverns and Weeping Willows dungeon is fairing. On the battlegrounds, enemies have been scaled to be easier to defeat, The bare bones skeleton of the player's marketplace is complete, and gear set bonuses have been equalized.

Inutaishos has released version 0.3 of Azusa: The Olympians War! The new progression system allows the game to remain balanced indefinitely, as players begin their adventures as children and progress until their characters die of old age. New skills and classes are able to be gained along the way. Dungeons, traps, and monsters are set along the way to stop you, and caves of treasure await!

Kaiochao made a patch for Shootah in Space, an arcade style shooter... in space! Mobs are no longer underneath the ship, as that made it difficult to breathe, and the PIXEL_SCALE appearance flag has been used to enhance display quality.

Antimonium is the name of a new open source project by begun by Zuhayr, using Space Station 13 mechanics as a base and applying them to a fantasy roleplaying setting. The new crafting menus and inventory displays involve radial selectors.

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