The School District

by Travylleb
The School District
Enroll yourself in the center of conflict and chaos between two prep boarding high schools and a historic rivalry that binds them.
Sorry guys, the first post I promise more frequent updates and then *poop* happens.

The Story: about 8 days after I announced this project. The computer I had which was a very old Dell Lattitude laptop destroyed itself, I've been on a quest for months to find a place which can recover the HDD files, which was hard because the hard drive was a PATA HDD type. Got tangled into work and personal stuff during this quest. Now I'm happy to say I've got the pixel files, along with a few needed files from past and future projects I've wanted.

Now that I have this, all I got to do now is to try retrieve contact with the programmer was indeed eager to get back to work.
Thanks man!