Hello Readers! Despite there only being one week between now and the previous Within, quite a nice amount of development has happened! As a quick reminder, the next released is set for July 19th, then August will resume with the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays release schedule. I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence day, now let's see what these indies have been working on over the holiday.


Lummox JR got some nice weather for grilling this Fourth of July! On the BYOND burner, a new variable, byond_build has been added to track the minor build number of the server and those connected to it. I suspect it mostly has uses for beta builds, where new and breaking features are added spontaneously. Another often requested feature was added as well: Global and world vars will be listed in the respective variable in 512.


Remember Crazah's man cave from last week's Within BYOND? He revealed this week that the game's name is Homeward, with Ter13 on the team roster as the pixel artist. Check out a minute long video displaying a 3/4 perspective scenic overlook with start menu options.

The title screen of Melee for the Holy Grail has seen some improvement in the latest builds, and movement animations seem to be easier for the eye to follow as well. The computer now defeats me faster, and there are five new game modes to toy with, like throwback racing, and the falls. In weekly tournament developments, Omega has retained his championship title, and the Holiest Grail of All Time tournament is happening next week. Find the download link in the game's Discord.

Taint_thewizard has embarked on a new adventure, delving into development of Devil's Crest, an Isometric RPG in a world whos present has been overtaken by the Devil and is in need of a hero. Current videos of the game show how the battle system works.

AvidAnimeFan has picked back up on Kage: Rise of the Tengu and shares the progress he is making in a few daily dev-logs. He's pulling the direction of the game towards the features and gameplay that players are most likely to enjoy, as such, the battle and crafting systems have seen some fairly significant changes, 18 new forms of ninpo have been implemented, and the number of weapons have been simplified to 6, with the skills and tools of the player customizing how those weapons are used. New HUDS are on the way too.

After recovering from a faulty hard drive incident, Traveyllb is back to work on The School District: Online. The programmer for the game has computer problems of his own, but for now, a chair throwing kickboxer has been shown taking down an opponent.

Kumorii is utilizing his freedom of speech this July by posting tons of GIFs featuring his monster survivor Feed! Bullets, smokescreens, mad dashes, gore, and plenty of other colorful flashes and blasts! Health bars fading away when in good health is one of the many changes, and you'll have to wait for the incoming dev-log to find out specifics on the rest.

Magus8 shared a screenshot of his magic RPG Arcane Chronicles. Pictured is the temple of the High God of Light (who incidentally appears to be rather dark). The game will feature ten unique classes and plenty of areas to explore and quests to complete.

Manio has started a sequel to his original dinosaur survival game, Extinction. This time the adventure is in the Concrete Jungle. The plan is to have a series of dinosaur waves to survive and complete specific objectives before the emergency evacuation chopper takes off. He hopes to improve the graphics as compared to it's predecessor. Ironically, the current screenshots remind me of a certain someone's wave based Game Jam that was particularly... crappy.

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