How much profit did No Man Sky's make?

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sample 3d engines & sourcecodes
which cites: Beginner guide
Practical guide

Thin Matrix hosted a video series about 3d Game Development in Java

The game itself was bleak. This sh*t could remaster the digital aspects like an absolute killer.

Game Maker (

Sample scroll through

Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Java Compiler
// Dear CompileJava users,
// CompileJava has been operating since 2013 completely free. If you
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import java.lang.Math; // headers MUST be above the first class

// one class needs to have a main() method
public class HelloWorld
// arguments are passed using the text field below this editor
public static void main(String[] args)
OtherClass myObject = new OtherClass("Hello World!");

// you can add other public classes to this editor in any order
public class OtherClass
private String message;
private boolean answer = false;
public OtherClass(String input)
message = "Why, " + input + " Isn't this something?";
public String toString()
return message;

The aim is to remaster Hazordhu in Java
Multiple public classes in the same file in Java trips me out. feels wrong.
i know it is absolutely one of the scariest things ^-^
Sample scroll thru

(Play through)

Java Text Based Creation (combat price etc)
public class Player extends Creature {
public Player(String tempclassName, String tempName, MeleeWeapon[] tempMeleeWeapons, RangedWeapon[] tempRangedWeapons, Spell[] tempSpells, Armor[] tempArmor, int tempStrength, int tempConstitution, int tempDexterity, int tempSpeed, int tempIntelligence, int tempWizardry, int tempLuck, int tempCharisma, int tempHealRate, int tempGP) {
super(tempName, tempMeleeWeapons, tempRangedWeapons, tempSpells, tempArmor, tempStrength, tempConstitution, tempDexterity, tempSpeed, tempWizardry, tempIntelligence, tempHealRate, tempGP);
className = tempclassName;
luck = tempLuck;
charisma = tempCharisma;
xp = 0;
level = 1;
int main(int argc, char** argv[]) {
GameMechanics shooting = new GameMechanics();

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