I almost forgot today's set! After a daring rescue by Katt, and an even bigger rescue by Star Wolf, Falco tries to get his groove on.

-Fun Facts-
*Falco's "Squark" speech bubble was written just last night. Somehow I never noticed that I neglected to take out the German.

*I figured it'd be neat if I referenced the very first page with "Who let the dogs out?" It was an easy joke, so why not?

*In the second strip, that structure was called Bolse, some sort of satellite. In the game, Star Wolf would appear there if you didn't defeat him earlier in the game.

*Metroid Prime: Hunters really does have a boss that looks just like that.

*'Lylat Wars' is the European name for Star Fox 64, named such because the game takes place in the Lylat System.
Don't break the ice <3
Another comic well done. :)