Final Revelations

by KensheX
Final Revelations
Engage in a world full of roleplay. Create and customize your own character!
Final Revelations
Engage yourself in a world of roleplay. Create and customize your very own character. Explore the world!
Why bother? The games only going to get taken down again, lol.
I Really wish the game was back. I Miss it.
FR has a SERIOUS troll problem in their Discord and I was banned for standing up for myself in the face of their constant bullying. I even blocked them and they still continued to be a big-time headache for everyone else with their continued attacks nearly every time I said anything to anyone there. I haven't hardly been trying to invite their attacks at all and I've even asked them nicely to STOP IT. So why am I the one to be banned here, when it's plain as day how mean those trolls are and how they spam FR Discord with their slanderous shit? Why are they allowed to keep spewing their hate and vitrol with no consequences at all while banning the target of their hate who was trying to stand up for himself against their barrage of bullying? Admins, get a damn backbone and ban the trolls, not their victim.
FR is a bastion of roleplay. The admins have been unbiased for the better part of two years, going strong. Everyone there has fun and the game is geared more towards accepting roleplay than fighting it. RP is sometimes dramatic and people die. They handle those who whine and complain very well and as long as you're open to playing more than one character. You'll have a great time, I promise.
That's where you and your trolling friends are going wrong, GFlash. If you truly were accepting of roleplay then you wouldn't be so adamant about people having to play multiple characters. You even single me out because of my long standing RP preference of reprising my character every wipe and get very toxic toward me as a result. Treating players like shit OOCly for having different RP styles and preferences than you is going to kill FR.

I'm not even opposed to dying, it's when the character is forced to end permanently (as in for the rest of the wipe) and never be played again that has serious issues for the game and its community. There are things you just don't do to other players ICly if you want them to play the game with you at all...and sadly there's a lot of that happening. It's way more than just me who has a problem with that mindset and behavior. Toxicity is rampant and I hate that. FR has fallen low.
There's nothing wrong with reprising a character or a role. The game is about fun. I am accepting of players and the roleplay they perform. I'm not accepting of self-righteous people. The kind who will hold themself above others and say they are better than them. Especially at roleplay, it creates an elitist environment dependent on cliques. Like you see on other DBRP and Naruto games. On FR, you can simply vibe and be accepted. There is no toxicity other than what you perceive as toxicity. Because you hold yourself above others, you are better than us. Better than -them-. Good luck with the actual toxic communities outside of FR. Like CC or Roleplay Budokai, where there was actual rape and incest among general ERP. Enjoy yourself and your inflated, 40 year old virgin, ego
Ryuujin please refrain from posting on this hub. You were banned from our discord for doing the same exact thing you are doing here. Playing victim and attempting to bait the attention of everyone and then some. Also please stop discussing FR in other communities. GFlash is right in the fact you think you're above most of the community. Think about the next thing you post because if things continue as they are and I keep getting reports about you trying to spread false information about the community I will have to ban you from our hub and game as well permanently.
Someone tell Alfogus to unban me from the discord please. I was not 'baiting' anyone, and the hate club of obsessed trolls on the discord always makes a ruckus regardless of what I say or do. I didn't do anything to instigate them at all. Why you let those obsessed bullies remain in FR discord is beyond me. They intentionally try to make me look bad to manipulate admins into banning me.

FYI, GFlash, Maltet, and the other bullies are the ones who think they're above me and the rest of the community. They get away with egregious abuse of other players and all you give them is a slap on the wrist. Raising attention to the abuse and wrongdoing going on is the whole point of this, so people know there is a serious problem that needs correcting. Maltet, GFlash and the others are purposefully lying and deceiving you about who I am and what I stand for. I've been fighting for the other players who can see full well the meanness and unfair treatment going on. If you truly want FR to be a fair and equal place, then stop giving them a voice! They've ruined and poisoned the chill community we once had and are trying to destroy my reputation! I'm not at all a villain or bad person. I've simply had it with the toxic abuse going on and I'm not going to take it any more!
In response to Ryuujin
"Ryuujin please refrain from posting on this hub."

Lad, you always claim to be some form of paragon of how RP should be. You always say you're doing something "For the other players" or "Other people" in general but you cannot name any of those players when asked. You keep conjuring up "It's for the good of the playerbase." when you've been essentially removed from three separate DBZ games for how you are. You are quick to name people you don't enjoy but can't name "other people" who share your viewpoints.

Multiple people, including admins / headmins from different games have given you multiple solutions on how to improve your situation. From what I have seen, you've managed to get a coded admin slot on another DBZ game for now. Why don't you use your status to actually influence "how RP should be" instead of whine on how you got removed from multiple other DBZ communities that got fed up with how you play the victim card, or will always be quick to throw shade at someone like Gflash, all because you saw a blocked message on discord that had nothing to do with you.

For the sake of everyone, please, touch some grass my man and improve yourself.
In response to BigFatAnimeTiddies
Please. You yourself have contributed to the memeing and taking me as some sort of joke, when in reality I have been doing RP far longer, far better, and far more fairly and responsibly than you all have been led to believe. Maltet is not your friend and has spewed a LOT of lies and misinformation about me in YOUR discord, and you all let him continue and even see him as some ally. No, you are the joke and it's a very bad one at that. As for pretending the 'lack of names' means I'm a liar, guess what? It's your excuse for refusing to change and refusing to acknowledge the way you do things is a toxic dead end. Do you really think I'm a fool, that I'll name names so you can harass and bully them too? I know how you all roll. FYI I've had that coded admin for YEARS at that game. The owner knows me and knows I care about the players and how they are faring. Your memory doesn't seem to go back to the original Finale days, so let me jog it. I was the first and only original Finale admin to actually be fair and responsible to the players. That was publicly noted by multiple players of the time, whereas pretty much the rest of the admins were just crazy and not in a good way. I've always wanted the players to have a good experience and be safe from toxic bullshit in their RP. I've already re-introduced rules -that have existed before- to curb the murderboner types and encourage making RP with other players, rather than at their expense. It's very obvious some bad faith actors in these games try to justify toxic actions in RP as 'don't limit my RP' but at the same time, they limit and wreck the RP of other players by doing what they do. Not regulating what people do in RP is a surefire way to kill your own game among serious RPers. Playing DB RP games to 'win' is absolutely insane. RP games have *NEVER* been about 'winning'! You're co-creating an epic story with the other players, so you better treat all of them with respect and fairness. Castrate that murderboner, it's not about your body count at all as a villain. The worst villains are all about killing, yet even in DBZ, they never did it randomly/on a whim, and in DB RP terms, any mass killing was done to NPCs, not players. Players are special and exceptional, they need to feel like they can be relevant and contribute to the RP in an ongoing way. Killing should never be done on any sort of whim and should always have solid buildup and sensible, believable reasoning behind them. The afterlife should always be a thing, because the whole 'death is totally the end of your character' thing doesn't even make sense in the source material. And for the record, I've only been forcibly removed from CC and FR. CC people migrated over to FR and corrupted and poisoned FR's community, and purposefully made me out to be the bad guy so they could get me banned. It's very sad that FR coded admins embrace the toxicity that the CC people brought into FR. I don't know why Identify likes Maltet at all, he's clearly convinced Identify and Alfogus to not let me stay and done it with repeated lies, defamation and misinformation. Memeing me repeatedly and seeing the FR people embrace it shows how badly and wrong things have gone. If you don't do a full 180 degrees and correct your course, and start treating everyone fairly again and giving equal consequences for equal actions like you used to, then there is no point at all in making FR 2.0 because the community is already a poisonous wreck that the admins are totally cool with having. Clean house and send the CC people packing, they've destroyed your game already.
In response to Ryuujin
Two toxic ones - CC and FR - and I left RT by myself. I called CC and FR out on abusive/toxic behavior from both players and admins. I don't even see it as shameful at all, because I took a stand for the majority of the players who don't like what you all do. Stop spreading lies and defamation about me already, you don't even know what you're talking about at all.
In response to Ryuujin
You weren't meant to be unbanned in the first place. I let you stay until Alf decided to ban you again. Short answer

In response to Ryuujin
Lad, for your own sanity, please touch some grass.

Not counting alt accounts, the DBRP community that plays Finale based games, such as FR / CC / RT, is about 100 players. Population fluctuates depending on which game is up, which wipe is the most fresh, and whatever tribal nonsense people want to hold onto to not play whatever source they don't like. For sanity's sake, let's say 70 of those 100 will play any game that is up. We can easily divide up the remaining 30 to 10 per game that won't swap at all. Claiming "CC People ruin the community" could just be labeling various FR and RT players at the same time. Just face the facts that the DBRP community is so small, that the odds of someone new joining at slim to none with how dated of a platform Byond is. So if a majority of these players do not enjoy being around you, then maybe there is an issue on your end that you need to address instead of just slinging venom at people you disagree with.

This is why asking who shares your views isn't a "bait" for bullying or harassment. With so many people who are vocally against how you have been in the community, be it in game or out of game, it makes your argument of "For the greater good of the community" so much weaker. You've been quick to throw Maltet, Identify, Alf, and Gflash all under the bus but can't get assistance from people who supposedly share your viewpoints.

Regardless of your beef with Gflash, if you're actually trying to grow a game and community on the source that you have a coded adminship for, this wouldn't really put confidence in any new player's that somehow come to your game if you instantly attack someone like this in OOC.

"I was the first and only original Finale admin to actually be fair and responsible to the players"

Also, if you plan to type up another wall, for all that is holy, space it out at least.

I erase my discord and I lose such high fucking quality content. FML
I'm late to the party, but since Ryuujin just tries to lie about past things he hopes you guys weren't around for... He was never an admin on any major Finale server, and acted exactly the same as he is now...

Anyone considering playing this game when it's up, ignore Ryuujin's rants... The game is fun and well-run as well as having generally helpful admins and a nice community.
To be clear, there's a concerted effort among a group of highly vocal toxic trolls to have me removed and banned from every DB RP game they can get away with. They spread tons of lies and false accusations about me and try to make me look like some horrible person. Don't fall for all those lies, everyone. I'm not at all a horrible person and I've always wanted a good player experience, free of toxic problem players. I emphasize a collaborative mindset over this disgraceful overcompetitive mindset many have that has no place in an RP-oriented game. They treat RP as a joke and just want to dominate and abuse/exploit their way to this notion of 'winning' a wipe that's very anti-RP and wrecks everyone else's fun. Highly self-centered toxic players who force it to be all about them and make it impossible for other RP ideas from other players to realistically happen.

Also Nevets is the one lying about me not having been a coded admin on original Finale. I absolutely was, even hosted the game for a while, and I banned Nevets' two admin keys when he abused his authority and power to ban everyone who dared to disagree with him. I don't stand for abusive admin behavior like that and never have.
So I've been thinking about what happened with this last Discord ban, and I feel there are serious issues surrounding it that need to be rectified. Admins failed their players and gave their entire community a huge middle finger when they chose not to use their powers or authority to stop the perpetrators of blatant harassment and abuse. I was the target of this unjust and unfair treatment. It felt like the admins chose to be sympathetic to the group of bullies, rather than act for the health of their community and potential playerbase. It's way more than just me though, and it really always has been bigger than myself. The atmosphere of the discord and game has been more toxic than not, and because of that, FR is going to have a very hard time retaining players during a wipe. No amount of coded limitations is going to replace the necessity of unbiased, fair, and just admining. There will always be players with malicious OOC intentions behind their IC. They play in ways that destroy fun for their fellow players and are the ones largely responsible for people leaving wipes. Stop allowing these bad faith acting troll players to have their way. They're not your buddies or friends, they only pretend to be so they can get special treatment and abuse everyone they feel like abusing. For the good of your game and your community, hold them responsible for their own actions and don't fall for their lying, blameshifting manipulative dishonest BS. If you need to punish several toxic, drama-creating people, get off your duff and do it! Don't reward them by kicking out their target!