Alas! I was not in Canada this week, which means I have no blurry pictures of loons or of sunsets that don't look nearly as good on a digital camera as they do in life. However the time of year is here where I would ordinarily duck out on vacation, and so I decided to take this week to do just that. ...Mostly.

Of course I couldn't really stay away, and I've been working on various code stuff behind the scenes anyway. Not a lot of it is for 512+ stuff, but I have used the time to think some more of that through. I think I'm pretty well over my squeamishness about temporary objects needed for handling filter syntax, so the logical thing to do next is to get moving on that.

My fun-time project stuff has had me looking into some ancient parts of the language. I forgot isloc() was even a thing! It's right there in the reference, but I've never used it.

Oddly in spite of taking it easy, it hasn't been all that restful a week. I had a sick mom, a sick car, and the weather has been pretty sick too. But hopefully the rest of you fared better. Anyway it's back to the grind proper next week. Big thanks to everyone who's supported BYOND this month through their Memberships and donations. You guys are awesome, and I want to make sure 512 delivers features that say so.
Improve BYOND.
<3 keep up the great work
Don't burn yourself out. Vacations are healthy =). Thanks for keeping this engine going and improving.