Event Aug 4 2017, 9:00 pm
to Aug 16 2017, 8:59 pm


I will be hosting a game in a day from 8/05/17 to 8/13/17. This means you can choose any 24 hour period between those dates to mak your gam.

You MUST page me, Discord me, Skype me, whatever - at most 3 hours before you plan to start. This is when I will give you your themes.

Your submission will be due at the latest, 27 hours after I send you themes. 24 dev + 3 hrs to let the themes sink in. You can start immediately after receiving your themes, so that 3 hours can also be used for compiling, polishing, publishing and submitting.

You can of course submit it before the deadline as well.

You should include a little abstract about your game, and if you think you've accomplished the themes.

The general rules and such are laid out here:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/ 19EQnBJaQYyWyruxI4X-twSO54pym6Nx9qH7YRGwgbfc/edit

I've not yet finalized anything besides the dates and themes, so feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns. I'm up for anything.

i also need judges. pls volunteer

this is also the official page of the giad, where things will be listed:

still not a fan of the "everyone gets their own themes" thing tbh.

Honestly, I don't have a problem with the themes being released up to a week in advance for the people who start later in the development window. It's more of a gentleman's agreement not to cheat anyway.
Knowing the themes in advance would be great.
Yut Put wrote:
still not a fan of the "everyone gets their own themes" thing tbh. It kind of ruins the whole point when it's not a whole bunch of people giving their own creative spins on the same core idea

everyone gets the same 3 themes. is that unclear somewhere. they just get them when they want to start.
Can I do a hentai game?
In response to YURIRAMOS
Can I do a hentai game?

no hentai
In response to Super Saiyan X
Yes, hentai.
In response to GreatPirateEra
GreatPirateEra wrote:
Yes, hentai.

Just have to convince all the early starters to keep their mouths shut.
Yut Put wrote:
Flick wrote:
Just have to convince all the early starters to keep their mouths shut.

Technically it's impossible if they stream

yeah I guess. it's not really a big secret after the first person starts if they choose to stream
What's the prize pool for this again? Isn't it like $15 or something?
I'm down with it.

New rule: use 2 or more libs froms Kidpaddle45
as of 8pm, the rules listed in the google doc will be final.

please voice any concerns prior.

updated lock-in time to 8pm est (3 and a half hours from the time this was posted)
prize winnings (total $275) will be arranged like this:

* 1st place: $145
* 2nd place: $90
* 3rd place: $40

if you would like pledge more, please contact me somehow
Discord plz
Lol could you message me your user ssx#0000 ?
why not just join the server and msg me there.
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