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His last BYOND post.

A longstanding and talented member of our community has passed away. Kidpaddle45 was a fantastic guy and will be remembered by many of us. It's surreal to see people disappear forever -- even if they're just online friends. Solidarity and positive thoughts to his family and friends.

Your BYOND legacy will not be forgotten.

May his soul rest in peace.

This life is never fair.
RIP Kidpaddle.
RIP Kidpaddle. :/
Rest in peace Kidpaddle. You were a great addition to our community and blessed us with your innovations.
I believe this thread deserves to be stickied out of memory for Kidpaddle45.

You will be remembered for your contributions to BYOND and friends you may have acquired while being here.
T.T I didn't believe it at first. Too many news outlet have reported it, though. Rest in piece, Kidpaddle. I hope someone can complete his project.

RIP Kid. You were taken too soon.
If it's true, RIP
Rest in peace, Kidpaddle.
A valuable member of both BYOND and the game dev community was whisked away.

He had the fire that a lot of people have here, always dreaming big and ambitious.

We spoke often, over his progress of Shinobi Online, always full of energy and ideas, and he definitely had the right ones.

The look of a game that wasn't only shaping up, but is a representation of his net dream, what he wanted to share among his active followers through active development.

One of many messages from people that cared about his work, and hopefully someone takes the mantle and continues it.

Rest easy Kidpaddle.
This is sad news indeed. I really liked Kidpaddle. He was one of the better contributors to our community.
This is fucking insane... I talked with him daily about game dev and he's inspired some of my ideas for my current ambition.

This is very saddening, RIP.
Wow... I can't believe something this tragic has happened to such a kind and valued member of our community.

Nobody really expects these kind of things to happen, ever. Remember that the next you get in an argument with a close friend, family member, or even a stranger you dislike here on BYOND. All lives matter. Rest in peace, buddy. ;(
Never ended up helping him out with a project I said I was down for. Life got too busy, then too sad.

Press F AF fam
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