Rest in peace buddy :/
I gave him almost all of my old Naruto Game sprites, effects and tilesets to help on her game, sad news...

Rest in peace bro, may God comfort your family.
RIP, thanks for the amazing libs and inspiration in form of gif
RIP I never new him but he was always updating and fixing up his new game this is sad
Rest in peace Kidpaddle....
That isn't fair... god damnit
May he Rest In Peace.
I never spoke to Kidpaddle personally, but i could tell through his updates on BYOND that he was very passionate in building great games,and even more so for making amazing experiences for those on the platform, help-wise or entertainment-wise. may he rest in peace, with a computer at hand up there,so he may always be with us down here.
I've spoken to Kidpaddle once or twice on my time in this community. It's a shame, honestly. Some of the brightest people go out before their time. A part of me wants to believe this is a bad troll - but still.

You will be missed dearly by the people of the BYOND community, Kidpaddle. Don't forget the next update wherever you are.
I'm sorry to hear. I never met him but that's tragic. Hope his family is doing okay as well. Rest well.
Wait is this real? I've known Amir for almost 7 years now and we use to talk every day, is this like actually happening?
In response to Ex5
Yes. Sorry.
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