Tragic death... Kid was a good friend and a visionary It though I don't know him IRL I still considered him a friend and I hope that he rest in peace he most certainly deserve it.
I'm broken by this tragedy. I've known them for around five years. They were one of my main inspirations for delving into Naruto games and helped expand the limits of BYOND as a whole.

Rest easy, Kid.
Rest in peace
RIP. Fun times working with each other on Kaizoku learned quite a lot, wish we could of worked together more.
Kid, you was just too OP.
Damn. RIP dude.
Wow... Amir and I worked together for 6 years. We worked on Kaizoku, shinobi online and many other projects. There is no one else that I worked better with. I cant believe I only just heard about it now.
I'm really broken up about this. I feel terrible just writing this. He taught me everything I know about programming and I got to become friends with him outside of just programming. There is no one else I've ever met on byond quite like him. I'll miss you Amir Hassan all I can do is hope that this isn't true.

For all those that don't know his full name is Amir Hassan.
I just found this on the news :( one-canadian-dead-and-another-injured-in-motorcycle-and-bus- collision/
Rest in peace.
Such an unfortunate accident. My condolences to his family and friends, he will be missed around these parts.
Who next
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Who next

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This isn't the thread to be biting bait.
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This isn't the thread to be biting bait.

rest in peace kidpaddle
This is absolutely mind blowing.

Rest in peace, Amir.
Thank you kidpaddle45 for showing up on the planet
RIP, Kidpaddle.
I only played shinobi online once, but now the name will stick in my head for some very sad reasons. It is always sad to lose one of our number to disinterest or life issues but to lose someone permanently and suddenly is painful beyond what words can express. For whatever they are worth I give my best wishes to his friends, his family, and the BYOND community members who knew him personally.
I've worked with amir, Super cool dude. sad that Pokemon Atom never dropped :[
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